Reflection: Real World Applications Using Properties to Classify - Section 5: Wrap Up


In this wrap up activity I chose to have students look at a real world situation where scientists use classification.  I chose animal classification because this should be an area where the majority of students should have some background knowledge. It is important for students to see how the things they are learning in class apply to science in the real world.  This activity also incorporates the use of technology through laptops which helps build student interests and helps them improve their skills using technology. 

  Classification used in the real world
  Real World Applications: Classification used in the real world
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Using Properties to Classify

Unit 1: Scientists at Work
Lesson 4 of 16

Objective: SWBAT classify objects based on physical properties.

Big Idea: Students will investigate items in a basket to determine how they are similar and different to help classify them into groups.

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