Reflection: Rigor Day 3: A Closer Look At Plants - Section 4: Lesson Wrap Up


CCSS expect students to apply the use of formal vocabulary in their writing and explanations.  This will not happen with out explicit instruction of the formal vocabulary.  In this situation, I listed terms used, defined them for clarity, and then allowed students time to apply them to their own work.  

This must be directly taught and the vocabulary should also be used and highlighted by you whenever appropriate.

  Use of Formal Vocabulary
  Rigor: Use of Formal Vocabulary
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Day 3: A Closer Look At Plants

Unit 1: Writing Like A Scientist
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use hand lenses to observe and record their observations of plant structures. SWBAT understand the use of relevant vocabulary.

Big Idea: Students will take a closer look at the structure of plants by using hand lenses. Later on in the lesson, students will be exposed to the idea of using relevant vocabulary within their observations.

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Science, observations, 1st Grade, formal vocabulary
  50 minutes
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