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The students love to share with the teacher what they have learned, but finding the time to meet one-on-one with students is challenging.  I have two strategies to try to tackle this problem: 1. If there is another adult in the room, let her help the group construct the sliders. Then I have time to work with the students individually as they finish their project.  2.  Most weeks have five school days, so I work with the small groups on four of the days, and then do assessments on the fifth.  Getting into the routine like this helps me to know and diagnose the direction I need to take with the students.

  Finding Time
  Checks for Understanding: Finding Time
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Paint Chip Sliders

Unit 11: Small Group Lessons with Big Impact!
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Objective: SWBAT substitute initial sounds to create new words. Student Objective: I can build a slider to help me practice letter sounds and build new words in one word family.

Big Idea: By constructing this little tool, students can learn to substitute letters and sounds to create new words.

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