Reflection: Standardized Tests (PARCC/Smarter Balanced) Using Listening Skills to Re-Create a Text - Section 2: Getting Down to Business


My students participated in a pilot of the SBAC (Smarter Balanced) assessment this year.  While there were many new things on this assessment, we were most surprised by the listening and video-watching components.

On the practice test that I went over with students, I found questions that were based not on a written text, but on an audio file or a video.  

As assessments continue to move in this direction, it is so important that we gives students practice with these tasks in class.

My philosophy on standardized tests has always been that if we teach to the standards and give students opportunities to show mastery of the standards, the state testing will take care of itself.  Making sure to cover newer types of standards, like speaking and listening, goes a long way in making sure students are prepared and confident for these new assessments.

  Listening is Important
  Standardized Tests (PARCC/Smarter Balanced): Listening is Important
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Using Listening Skills to Re-Create a Text

Unit 17: Studying Informational Text
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT analyze main ideas and supporting details by listening to a text read aloud.

Big Idea: Can you re-create what you heard?

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English / Language Arts, Listening and Speaking, paraphrasing, discussions
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