Reflection: High Expectations Metamorphic Rocks II - Section 4: Practice


Since we spent a fair amount of class time going over responses (whether that be the exit tickets, do now(s), homework, or practice problems), I think its important to standardize this process and impart some rules/norms for how this works. First, as alluded to in previous lesson reflections, I think its important to have a "no opt out" policy. Too often, students can get dismissive with an "I didn't get that one" or "I didn't get there yet" response. I hold all students accountable for answering the question correctly, whether they did it successfully (or even attempted it) or not. Oftentimes, when students encounter struggles in this regard, I might scaffold down by either asking them to give me a wrong answer (i.e. "answer choice 'd' is incorrect because..."), or I might ask other members of the class to give them a hint. Additionally, students are always asked 'why' - they have to provide evidence or prove why their answer is correct. I find that this simple idea greatly increases opportunities for student learning, engagement, and accountability every time you go over things in class.

  Going over Answers
  High Expectations: Going over Answers
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Metamorphic Rocks II

Unit 1: Rocks & Minerals
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: SWBAT interpret the ‘Scheme of Metamorphic Rock Identification’ chart on the ESRT

Big Idea: Students use scientific data to determine the features of metamorphic rocks, including information on their composition, physical features, and texture

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