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In retrospect I think a simple modification to this section will help students make the connection between surface area and flat patterns. Some students will find more patterns that work more quickly than others and a natural extension becomes: "how much paper is used in each pattern?" or "what can you determine/conclude about the amount of paper needed for each pattern?" I might not mention area or units in the interest of having them generate that conversation more organically. The patterns are done on grid paper which lends itself naturally to the idea of squares or square units. Other members of the group can be invited to join the investigation as they finish.

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Extending the lesson
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Exploring Flat Patterns

Unit 9: Exploring Surface Area
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Objective: SWBAT represent a 3 dimensional object with a 2 dimensional flat pattern.

Big Idea: Students begin to see the connection between two and three dimensional objects.

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