Reflection: Unit Planning Bean Teens - Section 1: Introduction/Attention Grabber


This lesson was so tactile and successful with even our most previously confused learners. I begin to wonder if this would be a good introductory lesson for the teen unit… and I’m torn. While “sliding down the 10-stick” was a huge success as a reteach lesson—particularly in helping struggling students see that group of ten and then counting on from there—it might be too much as an introductory lesson. Many students who struggle with teen numbers have very limited early academic backgrounds, and trying to briefly present every teen number as opposed to rolling out the teen numbers, one at a time, might actually be overwhelming for learners who need more time to develop concepts. This is one case in which knowing the learners in your class is the critical factor in choosing when to teach a lesson. Either as an introduction or as a fun re-teach, this lesson is simple, hands-on, and effective.

  When to teach this lesson? Timing is everything
  Unit Planning: When to teach this lesson? Timing is everything
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Bean Teens

Unit 14: Tricky Teen Numbers
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT build a tactile craft stick group of 10 beans, with extra beans to "show" teen numbers.

Big Idea: Students actually build a group of 10 beans, that they can "slide" down and then count up to practice the idea that teen numbers are 10 with extra ones.

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