Reflection: Standards Alignment Jigsaw Lit Circle Discussions, Three-Day Lesson, Chapters 18-20 - Section 3: Did They Get It? (The Discussion, Day 3)


Ok, Truth or Dare time.

Truth: I dream of a world where standards-based grades are the norm.  I would love to be able to give students grades based on the standards I'm teaching to and that they're working so hard at learning.  Can you imagine how awesome it would be to give a student a mark for Speaking & Listening 7.1a?  "Come to the discussion having prepared".... Assignment is thoughtfully done.  Check!  "Explicitly draw on that preparation".... I heard that student mention their notes during the discussion.  Check!  "reflect on ideas under discussion"....Student wrote a thoughtful reflection of what the group talked about.  Check!  This student has mastered Speaking & Listening 7.1a.

That sounds so much better than Discussion: 87% B.

Dare:  I may try this during the upcoming year.  I'll keep you posted!

  Standards-Based Grading
  Standards Alignment: Standards-Based Grading
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Jigsaw Lit Circle Discussions, Three-Day Lesson, Chapters 18-20

Unit 9: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Get Exciting!
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT participate in a discussion of a text by preparing for a literature circle.

Big Idea: Talking about our reading.

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