Reflection: Flexibility Character Connections in Chapter 9 - Section 2: Getting Down to Business


What I really enjoy about a lesson like this one is that no two classes create the same character map.  I like that on-the-fly feeling I get when I let the kids dictate what's going to go on our chart.  

When they see that I'm not putting up information for them to copy, but that we're building this thing together, they start to feel a sense of ownership with the content.

Though I do make sure that each class gets all of the major points, I don't get too caught up in the details of this one.  Truly, my instructional goal here is not to see that they memorize every detail of this chart but that we put yet another reading tool in their toolbox of strategies!

  No Two Maps Are The Same!
  Flexibility: No Two Maps Are The Same!
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Character Connections in Chapter 9

Unit 8: Using Tom Sawyer for an Introduction to Literary Discussions
Lesson 1 of 8

Objective: SWBAT analyze how the relationships between characters drive the plot by creating a character map.

Big Idea: Using a character map to understand the plot.

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English / Language Arts, literature circles, discussions
  55 minutes
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