Reflection: Student Feedback Perfect People: Analyzing the Plan for Perfection in Benjamin Franklin's Autobiograohy - Section 3: Understanding the Quest for Perfection: A Close Look at Franklin's Autobiography


Franklin's autobiography comes off, upon first reading, as an intimidating "Wall of Text." My goal in addressing it today was to go through the questions I had assigned the students, but to address them in a manner that led to their understanding, without coming off as "rote" repetition of ideas. Overall, students' participation in today's class was active, but I could see a few drifting as we went on with our review. Looking to the next time I teach this material, I want to move away from direct instruction.

Students should move around more: list their own #1 virtues on the board, draw the chart Franklin followed for self-improvement, have students write the summaries of each virtue, etc. I fell back to direct instruction today mainly due to time constraints. 

  Direct vs. Student-Led Instruction: Looking Ahead
  Student Feedback: Direct vs. Student-Led Instruction: Looking Ahead
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Perfect People: Analyzing the Plan for Perfection in Benjamin Franklin's Autobiograohy

Unit 3: Literacy: Rhetorical Devices and Revolutionary Thinking of the Enligtenment
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Objective: SWBAT how Benjamin Franklin unfolds his plan for self improvement by analyzing the steps he takes to attempt perfection.

Big Idea: They say, "Nobody's perfect." Students follow Ben Franklin's rational, "scientific" attempt to come close.

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