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I am calling this reflection "Joy" because when parents are informed by teacher as to what their children are doing in class it adds to the positive culture we work hard to create. I found that the parents who did read the newsletters were very appreciative and some asked questions about homework or what they could do to support the learning in class.  I want to translate the newsletter into Spanish as well so all parents comfortable receiving the newsletter.

I also found that giving extra credit to those students who brought back a signature from their parents showing that they read the newsletter, increased parental participation. 

  Joy: Newsletter
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How Does Conflict Affect Tone? Open Response Writing Final Draft

Unit 8: Romeo and Juliet
Lesson 8 of 13

Objective: SWBAT cite specific evidence from the text and demonstrate comprehension by writing a coherent final draft for an open response which conveys information clearly and accurately.

Big Idea: Writing a final draft for an Open Response using annotation as a guide for finding evidence in the text and transitional words to bring it all together.

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