Reflection: Checks for Understanding Close Reading and ʺDeep Diveʺ Analyzing of Romeo and Juliet Act 1, scenes 1-5 - Section 3: Student Learning Activity


In the building Knowledge activity we used Tybalt as Romeo's dramatic foil. After reading Scene 2 which introduced Paris as the Capulet's choice for Juliet, one of my students raised his hand to ask a question that us teachers love.  I will paraphrase what he said. "Juliet is supposed to marry Paris, who doesn't seem to be as cool as Romeo, and he likes Juliet because she's from a rich family. Doesn't that make him a foil for Romeo who really falls in love with Juliet?"  It feels so good when they get it!  After discussing he correct analysis I then decided to ask, "Who was a foil for Juliet?"  Several students raised their hands and correctly said, "Rosaline."  I realized from this short discussion that I could have included an extended activity asking for additional examples of foils in the scenes we are reading. 


  Dramatic Foil
  Checks for Understanding: Dramatic Foil
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Close Reading and ʺDeep Diveʺ Analyzing of Romeo and Juliet Act 1, scenes 1-5

Unit 8: Romeo and Juliet
Lesson 3 of 13

Objective: SWBAT cite specific evidence from text (Act 1, Scene 1-5) of Romeo and Juliet and demonstrate understanding of character development and theme by writing and discussing evidence based answers.

Big Idea: Romeo and Juliet meet and the seeds of a tragic drama are planted.

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