Reflection: Checks for Understanding Formulating Questions About an Image - Section 3: Students Examine Frida Kahlo's Identity


Most students were able to clearly articulate the negative light in which Kahlo painted the United States. As a group, they were also able to state that the dress in the center is an expression of her identity. Several were able to also perceive that she may have felt out of place and very much different from anyone in the city she was in. 

The questions they formulated seem to have helped them explore Khalo's identity. This student, for example, is asking good questions about the dress in the painting, which points to the value of the Question Formulation Technique.

  Checks for Understanding: Students Examine Khalo's Identity
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Formulating Questions About an Image

Unit 6: Exploring Identity
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT determine what Khalo's painting suggests about Identity by formulating good questions about "My Dress Hangs There" using the Question Formulation Technique.

Big Idea: Students are guided to realize that, in Frida Khalo's paining, her dress hangs there because it is an expression of her identity.

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English / Language Arts, research (Writing Process), Analyzing images, questioning strategy, questioning, identity, annotate
  37 minutes
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