Reflection: Advanced Students Conducting a Controlled Experiment: Jason's Revenge - or is it? - Section 3: Team Investigation


Highly Capable Students

Although the Next Generation Science Standards does not require 5th Grade Students to distinguish between mass and weight, I have some students who are ready to learn more advanced concepts.  One of those students is the student who after observing the Diet Coke/Mentos Geyser, came to school the next day with these independent research notes.  It's just as important to provide these students with enrichment opportunities, as it is to provide our struggling students with remediation.

The video below from PBS Learning Media, gives an excellent introduction for the concept of mass vs. weight that is targeted for a 6th -12th Grade Level.  Because I do not want to limit my advanced students, I will provide an opportunity for them to view this video and then to interact and demonstrate their understanding of this concept by reading the information on this Math is Fun link and answering the accompanying 10 questions.



  Advanced Students: Step It Up! Advanced Learning Opportunity
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Conducting a Controlled Experiment: Jason's Revenge - or is it?

Unit 1: What's The Matter Plaid Pete?
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Objective: SWBAT collaboratively conduct a controlled experiment, collect data as evidence, and write a four part conclusion to communicate their findings.

Big Idea: How do scientists analyze data in a controlled experiment, and communicate their findings? Students conduct their controlled experiment, analyze their data to write a four part conclusion, and have a little fun with a science induced soda-pop geyser.

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