Reflection: Checks for Understanding Author's Tone - Section 3: Discuss Author's Tone


I was disappointed with the results of the discussion. As you can see in the tracking document I share in this section, the discussion was dominated by a few. I have engaged students in this same discussion with the same text in the past and have seen much more engagement. Specifically, students feel strongly about the danger/non danger posed by stereotypes and they are able to challenge each other's views. One explanation for the lack of participation from many is that they struggled to formulate the author's central ideas in the previous lesson's assignment and thus did not have enough confidence to comment on this author's argument. I will have to be more thoughtful about they way I help students prepare for a discussion.

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Author's Tone

Unit 6: Exploring Identity
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: SWBAT determine the author's point of view by identifying the author's tone through an examination of specific language and engaging in an academic discussion.

Big Idea: It's in the tone– How does the author really feel about stereotyping?

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English / Language Arts, tone (Literary Terms), research (Writing Process), group discussion, questioning, identity, annotate
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