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Cheating seems to be a never-ending battle for me, and it's exhausting.  My room has lab tables that serve the purpose of both desks and lab stations, and the lab tables are screwed into the floor so they can't even be moved.  I combat cheating the best that I can, but sometimes I think maybe it's a losing battle.....I get so discouraged.  And, to make matters worse, it looks like cheating is on the rise.

4 students sit at a lab table in my room, so I randomly assign seats on testing days so students can't rely on copying someone's answers.  I also make 4 versions of the test when possible, although sometimes there are only 2 different versions.  The number of versions depends on how much time I'll have to grade the test (more versions require more time to grade) and the type of questions I have available to create the test.  In the past I've given an entire class version A, and then the next class version B so that students couldn't pass answers along during passing periods and lunch, but the number of "paper peekers" was too many to ignore.  In a perfect world I'd have a different test for each person, but that's not realistic so I do the best I can.

I also require cell phones to be off, but students always try to sneak them anyways or try to use them when they forgot a calculator.  My final effort in fighting the battle is that students cannot have a bag at their feet or a bottle of water on their desk, as I've seen answers written on labels or backpack straps.  

I do give the students credit though, they are VERY creative.....

  Classroom Setup: Lab Tables & Cheating
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1-Dimensional Motion Test

Unit 1: 1-D Kinematics
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of 1-dimensional motion on the Unit 1 test.

Big Idea: What is the breadth of our linear motion knowledge? Today, students take a summative assessment on 1-d motion!

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