Reflection: Student Ownership Creating an Interactive Map for Chapters 13-16 - Section 1: Out-Of-Class Assignment


Homework is a tricky one.  Some schools and districts think the more the better and some think it's an archaic practice that shouldn't be part of a progressive education.

Honestly, I'm not sure where I stand.

I see valid points on either side of the argument.  I think that homework teaches students responsibility, and it can be a good way to reinforce skills learned at school.  On the other hand, we have students in school for many hours a day, and their time away should be an opportunity to focus on outside interests and their families.

In addition, many of my students have working parents and lack the support at home to accomplish homework task.  Some of them are even responsible for younger siblings in the evening.

I guess the point of this reflection is go with your teacher gut.  If you are moderately sure your students can and should do the reading at home, then by all means, assign it as homework.  However, if you know that a significant number of your students will come to class unprepared, not having read, what do they stand to gain from being left behind with this activity?


  The Dreaded "H" Word
  Student Ownership: The Dreaded "H" Word
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Creating an Interactive Map for Chapters 13-16

Unit 9: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer Get Exciting!
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT comprehend literature by using an interactive map.

Big Idea: What just happened? How do I keep it all straight?

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