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The internet has made it so much easier to teach to student level as well as to their learning preferences. To differentiate learning I will set up several movies in my class at one time. My intention is to allow the students to choose the movie they want to watch based upon their interests. The skateboard movie shown may not appeal to the girls. There are other movies including,  "Trash to Treasure" and "Design a Solar Backpack".  

The graphic organizer is the same for all students. After the movies are over, the students watching different movies come together to discuss the steps in their movie.  My strategy is to offer a variety of correct answers, aimed at the design process and not just how the design process is realized. 

Honestly, individual movies are not for every group of kids. There are some groups that really don't understand what the design process entails and we watch the movie together. I'll stop the movie at certain times and ask, "What are they doing here?" "What quote can you pull from this?" 

  Learning Movie Stations
  Classroom Setup: Learning Movie Stations
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I Have to Teach Engineering??

Unit 1: Exploring Engineers and the Design Process
Lesson 4 of 6

Objective: SWBAT identify the steps of the design process to recognize how engineers create designs.

Big Idea: How can I teach engineering? Take a look at this lesson on the basics of engineering and the design process.

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