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I have students perform corrections to make sure that they look over their mistakes.  By doing this they can see what they did wrong, and are forced to figure out how to answer the questions correctly to help with mastery of content.

I also have students write their percentage because I have found that many of my students struggle with this basic skill and benefit from the practice.

Students are held accountable for quiz corrections at the end of the unit when I collect their binders to grade.

This video of my explaining how to do quiz corrections shows what I expect of students when they perform quiz corrections.  I use this first CFA 1- unit1 quiz in the video.

  Routines and Procedures: Quiz Corrections
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Unit 1: Unit 1: Working as a chemist
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Objective: Students will be able to convert temperature into Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin units by taking notes, performing labs, and practice.

Big Idea: There are multiple ways to measure and record temperature.

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Science, Chemistry, Scientific Method (Science Skills), dimensional analysis, culture
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