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Positive reinforcement is crucial to developing and maintaining classroom and group behaviors.  During this lesson I gave students compliments for appropriate behavior.  I'm wondering what else to add.  I did not capture students working or sharing in this lesson with a video- but I am wondering if that would be a positive reinforcement.  If I captured a group doing really well and then showed the video on the next day to set up the expectations and to acknowledge their efforts.  I would be intentional as to what group I highlighted at first- based on the dynamics of the classroom.  I'm thinking a group that has a few kids who can make great choices, but don't always.  I would want to really let them shine to encourage more socially and academically appropriate behaviors.  I could also have one of the classroom jobs be designed to watch the group work and give points for what they saw.  The whole thing is getting student buy in.

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  Positive Reinforcement: Team Builders
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Tic...Tic...Tic...Chronological Time Lines

Unit 7: Historical Fiction- Slavery and the Civil War
Lesson 8 of 15

Objective: SWBAT understand plot of their story by creating a time line by plotting 5-6 important events using their book as resource for writing a summary.

Big Idea: It's Time To Understand Plot!

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