Reflection: Student Ownership Unraveling Gatsby with Text and Film Interpretations - Section 4: Closing


I think students really became aware through this activity of the level of thought and investigation that they should be doing while reading and completing their visual character logs.  Students were so involved with this discussion and having a good time sharing their thoughts, and they should be doing the same exact thing with their character maps.  These were assigned with the same intention as today's "Tracking Emotions" assignment, and when we went back to look at those visual character maps during this section, it was obvious that students could see the difference in the quality of thought and depth of investigation.  Students that are having problems on reading quizzes, despite reading the novel, reported that after our discussion today over the same homework assignment really helped them to understand the text better.  They also agreed that more time spent reading--and JUST reading instead of multitasking--would lead to a more complete understanding on their own.  I was so happy to hear that...and I can't wait to see if it actually happens.  A girl can dream, right?

  Showing Students the Discrepancy between what the SHOULD Do and ACTUALLY Do to Improve Quality of Work
  Student Ownership: Showing Students the Discrepancy between what the SHOULD Do and ACTUALLY Do to Improve Quality of Work
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Unraveling Gatsby with Text and Film Interpretations

Unit 9: Is Gatsby Really so "Great"?
Lesson 6 of 12

Objective: SWBAT analyze the development of characters in the hotel scene using textual evidence and evaluate multiple film interpretations of the same scene to compare to novel's intentions.

Big Idea: Let Robert Redford and Leo Dicaprio help students return to the deep, text-based characterizations inherent in the Common Core instead of surface-level thinking!

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