Reflection: Complex Tasks Digging Deeper - Deconstructing the Author's Argument - Section 3: Guided Practice


It is very important for this type of task to be guided. It is still early in the school year. If your student population is like mine, they have little experience with close reading and can easily get lost in the author's argument. Part of the problem is that they still are not able to grasp the idea that a well written text was organized and its structure was well thought out so that the reader can in turn deconstruct it and identify all the important pieces that make up the argument. In this student sample, I saw some of the most accurate representations of the central ideas and author's point, but it still needs work. The central idea in the first body paragraph is more accurate than the third one, for example, which led the student a bit astray when formulating the author's point. The point is more along the lines of the power of stereotypes to influence people's behavior. 

  Complex Tasks: Challenging Task of Accurately Identifying the Author's Central Idea
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Digging Deeper - Deconstructing the Author's Argument

Unit 6: Exploring Identity
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Objective: SWBAT determine the author's point of view by outlining the central idea(s) and supporting details to determine the author's argument.

Big Idea: Fleshing out the bones of an argument is essential in deconstructing that argument.

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