Reflection: Shared Expectations Let it Roll! Reviewing Numbers 1-6 - Section 3: Cooperative Practice


This was a really a fun and engaging review for the students.  It was a new way to manipulate the SMARTBoard. I also liked the opportunity to have the students play games and practice turn taking and sportsmanship skills.  The modeling of playing the game is so important.  The students need to know what the expectations are for playing and also, they need modeling about how to handle winning and losing.  Very few students play games at home (the ones who do stand out).  With video games, losing is not an issue.  It just means that you have to start again.  Being a gracious winner and loser are important skills for me to teach my kindergarteners and hopefully, skills that will carry on beyond the classroom. 

  Building People Not Just Learners
  Shared Expectations: Building People Not Just Learners
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Let it Roll! Reviewing Numbers 1-6

Unit 1: Exploring Numbers 0-10
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to identify and represent numbers 1-6.

Big Idea: The students have been working with the numbers 1-6. Now it's time for them to show what they know with this interactive and fun review.

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Math, SIOP, ELL, Critical Area
  30 minutes
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