Reflection: Student Ownership Developing a Research Question - Section 3: Engage in the Question Formulation Technique


I am always pleased with the questions students come up when they engage in the Question Formulation Technique. Some of the ones they came up with today are the following:

How does one come to know one's identity?

How do you take control of your identity?

What creates your identity?

To what length would someone go to protect their identity?

Is your identity powerful?

The one question that every single group came up is: Does identity matter? or Is identity important?

This last question actually suggests the fact that my students don't think about their identity that often. They are still wondering about the importance of such concept. I think it is a good question to put forth. Had I come up with questions for them to answer, I would not have selected this particular one. I would have assumed that they all think identity is important and that it does matter and asked other questions. I am glad they are the ones who formulated these questions. The plan is for these to guide their study of the texts I selected for this unit and I believe it is more meaningful for them to be guided by a question that is genuinely on their mind.


  Student-Formulated Questions
  Student Ownership: Student-Formulated Questions
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Developing a Research Question

Unit 6: Exploring Identity
Lesson 3 of 14

Objective: SWBAT develop research questions that they are genuinely interested in answering by engaging in the Question Formulation Technique, a step by step technique to help students formulate strong questios.

Big Idea: Research guided by questions students generate themselves is more meaningful for them.

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