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In this video, I discuss some of the trends we saw in the experiences students shared. The visual we created nicely illustrates the idea I was trying to get across, which is that more than one of these categories play a role in a single experience and that some of these categories are very common. 

I have created units around this topic of Identity several times and I find that it is difficult to get students to understand the significance of this concept. They have a surprisingly vague idea of what Identity refers to. With today's activity, I feel that I was able to help them see something significant in this topic, that there are common categories and that they play a role in people's experiences. I am hoping that this forms the base from which students can understand what the author's we are reading in this unit mean when they discuss their identity and the significant experiences that have shaped who they are.

  Real World Applications: Experiences Students Shared
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Social Identity - Finding Connections

Unit 6: Exploring Identity
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Objective: SWBAT expand their knowledge of the concept of Identity and thus be better prepared to access the arguments in the texts we are reading in this unit by reflecting on personal experiences and how these may have shaped their own identity.

Big Idea: Finding common ground highlights the significance of concepts like Identity.

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