Reflection: Diverse Entry Points US President Research Project Presentations - Section 4: Closure


After viewing and listening to the oral, technological, and written report presentations of scholars, I noticed a wide range of abilities.  Some students did extremely well researching information, putting it in their own words, and preparing to orally present the information.  On the other hand, it was obvious that some students had simply copied what they researched and not taken the time to practice their oral presentations, especially saying some of the words.  Thus, I found it necessary to use student exemplars to demonstrate what oral, written, and technological presentations should look like in the future.  In future lessons, I will show these when I first assign the research projects in order that students have a clearer understanding of my expectations. 

  Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
  Diverse Entry Points: Preparation, Preparation, Preparation
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US President Research Project Presentations

Unit 7: The Value of Work and Play
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT present their research projects on U.S. Presidents.

Big Idea: Students will dress up like and speak from the perspective of a First Lady or U.S. President they researched for their research project.

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