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This is the perfect place to help students understand the importance of grammar in the real world.  The words;  affect and effect, are so frequently confused, that many adults avoid using them altogether.

They are however, important words in Science.  If students are to be successful in Science, then they have to learn the language and the grammar that will enable them to be successful.  

As a part of my grammar instruction this week, we worked on this perplexing pair of words, so that my scientists didn't get tripped up.  

Here is a great resource that we used that contains definitions, as well as practice worksheets and a quiz.

Affect vs. Effect:  Learn How To Use Them Properly

  affect vs. effect
  Real World Applications: affect vs. effect
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Planning a Controlled Experiment: Jason's Revenge - or is it?

Unit 1: What's The Matter Plaid Pete?
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Objective: SWBAT collaboratively plan a controlled experiment that is a fair test, and includes repeated trials.

Big Idea: How do scientists plan their experiments? What do they include in their plans? Students develop a written plan in their notebooks that will be used to conduct a controlled experiment.

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