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In the high school setting, it is easy for students to view each day, and each class, as a series of disconnected events.  This bellringer is designed to connect what we have done thus far.  We have been working with the terms atom, proton, neutron and electron as vocabulary terms, as well as studying the historical experiments which led to the discovery of these particles.  Asking students to visually represent atoms provides both a formative assessment of where they are in their mental model of the atom, but it also gives the opportunity to ask probing questions to connect parts of their drawings to the experiments we have studied, building and connecting the prior knowledge from the previous class dates.

  Building Connections
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Building Connections
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Build an Atom

Unit 1: Atomic Structure
Lesson 6 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use the properties of subatomic particles to determine the properties of an atom based upon the number of each type of particle.

Big Idea: Using computer simulations to build our understanding of the atom.

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