Reflection: Authors Use Tools in a Writers' Workshop! - Section 2: What's In the Teacher's Journal?


Although its time consuming to put together a journal of your own, its CRUCIAL to do this.  The kids need to see you invested in your writing.  They need to see that you make mistakes and cross off ideas.  They need to see that you have drafts of writing and that you write for different purposes.  

If you don't have your own journal, take a few minutes and throw one together.  I grabbed a shopping list from my purse, an old note from a parent, and some other things that I had collected.  it doesn't have to have a lot of writing, but there should be some variety.  

I included the powerpoint because it has some good examples too, but the kids will be much more invested in their journal if you show how you value yours.

Also, a note about using the binders.  I REALLY like the binder idea vs the composition book that some teachers use.  I plan to have the binders out at Curriculum night to show the parents and its a great compilation of our work.  Since I'm doing much more electronic publishing (printing work that we create on website or things that we type on the computer), the binder is so much easier to use!


  Take the Time to Create Your Own Journal
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Authors Use Tools in a Writers' Workshop!

Unit 1: Start 2nd grade off with Writing!
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use tools for writing to answer a simple question based on past experiences.

Big Idea: Let's look at ways to use our new Writers' Workshop Journal and tools that will help us become authors!

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