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I invite parents into my classroom as experts in engineering careers. My strategy is to give my students an opportunity to meet real life engineers. This has been a welcome change to the classroom routine and it has been a wonderful learning experience for both the parent and the students. I ask parents to bring in "bling" because I want the students to remember the engineering encounter. 

I've had water bottles for the class, pencils, etc. I ask that they have a power point or some photos to share.  Students love having something to take home and I feel good because by offering an emotional activity, students will more likely remember.

I give out index cards to the students a couple days in advance and we generate questions. My intention is to offer an opportunity to develop appropriate and intriguing questions.  I encourage questions about education as well as advantages and disadvantages of the job. 

  Parents in the Classroom
  High Quality Task: Parents in the Classroom
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Exploring the Career of Engineering

Unit 1: Exploring Engineers and the Design Process
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Objective: SWBAT complete a mathematic model to compare and contrast engineering salaries.

Big Idea: How can I determine the economic impact of a career in engineering?

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