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I introduced the the four team roles after students have been practicing and performing classroom jobs.  See lesson, Classroom Jobs and Expectations.  Adding team roles is another layer to developing a supportive classroom environment and community of learners.

All of the classroom jobs are important, but I especially like how the announcers and readers get to have a lot of responsibility in the classroom for the week.  In this lesson, "the readers" have an important job:  The read the job descriptions of the four team roles and led the discussion about them.  Having students led this part of the lesson added to the buy in of the importance of groups working well together.  Next year, when I introduce team jobs, I will link the idea and importance of team roles/jobs to real world careers, jobs, and responsibilities and why they are necessary and important.  For example, I will have students generate a list of organizations or careers-  running a restaurant, a fire station, an emergency room in a hospital, etc.  Then have kids discuss who all works there and what do they do.  I will ask lots of questions to get them to imagine what it would be like if at a restaurant the employees started getting in the way of others because they were not doing their job.  I will have them imagine for instance, the sous chef seating people instead of preparing the sauces.  In the fall, with my new class I will spend more time developing students' understanding of why team roles are important to our classroom environment through a mini careers unit.  I will link this to their career in school is to be a student.

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Unit 7: Historical Fiction- Slavery and the Civil War
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Objective: SWBAT perform group work goals and fill out behavior rubric.

Big Idea: Students collaborate through the use of group roles!

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