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I have broken the NGSS domain 2-LS2 – Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics into 3 mini-units that will be spaced out over the year, to reflect our garden activities:

Mini-unit 1 - Seeds

Students will look at the external and internal seed structure and function to learn how this helps with seed dispersal and growth. Students develop a diagram to show the cause and effect of animals dispersing seeds

Mini-unit 2 – Pollination

Again students are looking at the structure and function of flowers and how pollinators interact with the flower. Students create a model to illustrate how a pollinator pollinates a flower.

Mini-unit 3 – Plants

Students look at the structure and form of plants (root, stem, leaves) and the cause and effect of water and sunlight on the plants.  Students will plan and carry out an investigation to answer questions involving plants and water or plants and sunlight.

Each unit addresses the specific SP, DCI, CRC, and Performance Objectives of 2-LS2.

  Why Only Seeds... Where are the other Components of 2-LS2
  Unit Planning: Why Only Seeds... Where are the other Components of 2-LS2
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Sorting Seeds

Unit 2: Seeds
Lesson 1 of 4

Objective: Through sorting seeds, SWBAT observe and describe how seeds are the same and different while developing their seed sorting criteria.

Big Idea: Students work with partners to explore the world of seeds, articulating similarities and differences.

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