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I have such a hard time showing videos in class because it makes me feel like I'm being a lazy teacher.  I think back to teachers I had and those I currently work with that show a video EVERY Friday.  For some reason I have no problem relying on videos when I need to be absent from the classroom, but I feel like less of a teacher when I'm present and showing a video.  A colleague of mine changed all that at one of our professional learning community meetings.  She shared how often she used Khan Academy videos and when I asked her if she associated any guilt with that, she said "why would I teach something at only half the level Sal's able to do it at?"  

That one question made me look inward and really think about if I was benefiting or hurting the kids by avoiding videos.  I had to adjust my thinking and teaching practices, and now I include many more videos than I used to.  I reconcile my shift in teaching by remembering that I can't always do it better, I never just hit play and mentally drift for an entire class, and successful use of a video takes some serious planning!  

  Are Videos the Easy Way Out?
  Learning Communities: Are Videos the Easy Way Out?
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Horizontal Kinematics

Unit 1: 1-D Kinematics
Lesson 5 of 9

Objective: Students will be able to develop an understanding of kinematic equations.

Big Idea: Today we learn to love kinematic equations by using them to solve problems about horizontal motion.

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