Reflection: Trust and Respect Engineers Develop, Design, Invent, and Innovate in Their Careers - Section 3: Explain


Teaching in the middle school has its ups and downs and one of the things I like best about middle schoolers is their ability to still be a child. I capitalize on this with a deliberate effort to incorporate props and costumes. My strategy is to offer the students information in an unusual manner. 

In this lesson I used hats deliberately as a costume. This works out well because students were able to bring their own hats into school and I allowed them to wear the hats. Kids love costumes so I have an array of costume materials. I have bike glasses, captain hats, wigs, and clown ties. I may wear them or I will let my students wear them for a purpose. Sometimes they don't want a photo taken so I let them put on a mask we made from paper. My strategy is to allow the students to express themselves using my costumes and props. By offering a unique experience, they connect personally with the content. 

I use props more often than costumes. I have lots of stuffed toys around to use for scientific demonstrations. When I teach Newton's Laws I only use toys for props. Woody takes a ride on Chuck the truck, hits a brick and goes flying forward. My students love to look at the scientific concepts with an emotional attachment to characters they know and love. 

  Props and Costumes
  Trust and Respect: Props and Costumes
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Engineers Develop, Design, Invent, and Innovate in Their Careers

Unit 1: Exploring Engineers and the Design Process
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT create a Career Hat, highlighting a variety of engineering careers.

Big Idea: What do you know about engineering careers? Explore the wild world of engineering to create a fun, collaborative career hat.

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