Reflection: Gradual Release Writing a PCR response that describes relationships - Section 2: Teaching Strategy


Sentence starters are very helpful for students who need more support.  Students can become stuck and not know what to write and sentence starters help scholars to get started.  However, scholars can also become dependent on the sentence starters if they are not weaned off at the appropriate time.  Therefore, I provide them for my middle/lower students and I encourage my higher students to write without them.  As the year continues to progress, most scholars will not use the sentence starters.  

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  Gradual Release: Sentence Starters
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Writing a PCR response that describes relationships

Unit 11: Voices of the Revolution - Part I
Lesson 6 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write a strong prose constructed response that describes relationships in a text.

Big Idea: How can I organize & develop my writing?

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