Reflection: Student Grouping Reading Sherlock Holmes - Section 3: Group Reading of Short Story


In the Frankenstein  unit immediately preceding this one, I had students read several key chapters aloud to one another so they could better understand larger themes and literary techniques. Also, I wanted to make sure that students actually read several of the key chapters in the novel, just to make sure they read the novel at all. 

Assigning students to group read-alouds has been particularly successful with this class because I have such a diverse group of readers.  Some students are reading at a college level and they are ready to move on to a college English class.  Other students are struggling at a 7th or 8th grade reading level, have an IEP, or are similarly challenged to maintain and independent reading schedule.  Group projects like this one motivate them, making them responsible for the reading a part of the project. 

  Group Reading
  Student Grouping: Group Reading
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Reading Sherlock Holmes

Unit 10: Sherlock Holmes & Detective Fiction
Lesson 3 of 4

Objective: SWBAT apply what they know in a close reading of a Sherlock Holmes short story.

Big Idea: How do Sherlock Holmes short stories define the detective story genre?

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English / Language Arts, genre classification, detective fiction, Cultural Context, Sherlock Holmes, Genre Studies, close reading, background knowledge
  85 minutes
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