Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Pencils, Bugs, and Line Plots! - Day 2 - Section 2: Concept Development


This was a very ambitious lesson, but one that proved to be very good for allowing productive partner work.  Students were able to practice measuring and then create a line plot with those measurements. Some students discovered, from today's lesson, as well as yesterdays lesson, that their line plots would be easier to create (less work) if all numbers were whole numbers. I did have to encourage several students to be accurate and measure to the nearest eighth of an inch rather than simply writing the nearest whole number.  

If I had more time, I would allow more time for students to come up with and answer questions. I ran out of time to really make this part of the lesson an emphasis and that is something I would do differently. Because the lesson became about making line plots, the importance of using line plots was less emphasized. 

  Very good partner work
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Very good partner work
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Pencils, Bugs, and Line Plots! - Day 2

Unit 10: Measurment
Lesson 5 of 13

Objective: SWBAT create line plots to show measurements involving fractions as well as use the four operations to solve word problems involving measurement; including simple fractions and decimals.

Big Idea: In this multi-day lesson, students work with partners to construct line plots.

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Math, Measurement, Fractions, line plots, partner work
  52 minutes
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