Reflection: Rigor Using SWBT to Reveal Characters' Reasons for Their Actions in Fences, Act 2 Scene 1 - Section 4: Shared Reading and Writing


After today's lesson, I have three days to finish the reading of (Fences) and the performance assessment . In addition, Cycle 3 ends in four days and we are going on spring vacation for a week and a half.

I am beginning to see and feel the malaise creeping up in my students. Though they are eager to read, they are not as willing. In the future, I want to arrange my unit plans so that I am not finishing a full-length work at the ending of a cycle or term.


  Rigor: Maintaining CCSS at the End of a Cycle
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Using SWBT to Reveal Characters' Reasons for Their Actions in Fences, Act 2 Scene 1

Unit 1: Fences: Character and Theme Analysis in Drama
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT analyze how complex characters with conflicting motivations, like Troy Maxson, interact with other characters by using a SWBT graphic organizer

Big Idea: What motivates characters to act? SWBT will tell you!

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