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Sometimes, in spite of lesson planning and all of my efforts to make learning active and meaningful, life happens… or lockdown drills happen. Technically, we simply changed the school-wide shape hunt and made it a classroom 3D shape hunt.  Students we able to move about and use tally marks to count 3D shapes.

I suppose I could have—maybe should have—returned to the classroom and ended the lesson, but the students were so motivated and excited to count 3D shapes that it made sense to count in the classroom!

  When a Lock Down Happens in the Middle of Math...
  Lesson Planning: When a Lock Down Happens in the Middle of Math...
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3D Shape Hunt

Unit 8: 3D Shapes
Lesson 2 of 5

Objective: SWBAT locate 3D shapes in the "real world" of the school (or classroom) environment.

Big Idea: Students enjoy getting to walk around the school looking for "real world" examples of the 3D shapes we are learning.

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Math, Critical Area, models, three-dimensional shapes, shapes, two-dimensional shapes
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