Reflection: Trust and Respect 2D/3D Snack Shape Sort - Section 2: Guided Practice


So often with students who are quick learners, we have them wait before we ask them for answers. It’s as if we know they learn fast, we know they’ve “got it,” and we know they’re ready to “bail out” a struggling discussion. In my class, at least, my “quick study” kiddos are on alert often. They are just rarely the stars of the discussion.

With all this new vocabulary, though, now is their time to shine! I let those fast learners share their newly acquired knowledge, acting as both peer models and almost co-teachers while we are learning all this 3D vocabulary.

Of course, all students get practice and specific feedback, but my “go-to” kiddos are truly the kids who are ready to help out and state the correct shape names. It is truly fun to watch them shine!

  Letting the Quick Learners Help with Vocabulary
  Trust and Respect: Letting the Quick Learners Help with Vocabulary
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2D/3D Snack Shape Sort

Unit 8: 3D Shapes
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT sort 2D and 3D snacks on a simple mat, naming the different shapes.

Big Idea: What better way to kick off 3D shapes than with food and our knowledge of 2D shapes?!

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Math, Critical Area, models, three-dimensional shapes, shapes, two-dimensional shapes
  45 minutes
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