Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Making Connections, Drawing the Conclusions - Section 2: Introduction


During this project, I have been learning more about the Common Core standards and developing more rigorous and interesting lessons, while working under the confines of a pacing guide and resources that are sometimes not as rich as Common Core texts.  With this lesson, I branched out to find a text that went with the strategies aligned with the pacing guide.  I found my students were much more interested and engaged.  The text passages were a little difficult for some of my students, but for the most part they made a good attempt at reading them and answering the questions.

I noted in my personal reflection that when I teach this lesson again, however, I would spend more time setting up how to answer the questions, and I would make sure each student has his/her own answer sheet.  They may talk about the answers, but when it comes to writing them they want their own.

  Branching Out
  Adjustments to Practice: Branching Out
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Making Connections, Drawing the Conclusions

Unit 10: Predict, Infer, and Conclude
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: SWBAT work in pairs to draw their own conclusions about the events in Stellaluna, after listening to the teacher read a-loud and using text related questions.

Big Idea: In this lesson your students will sharpen their observation skills to draw conclusions when you give them these questions after reading Stellaluna.

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