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This is a lesson I re-taught my students after they gave me suggestions on how to improve it.  The original lesson did not include the Missing Step Drawing Conclusions Activity Sheet and it was difficult for them to write about how the middle step helps them make a conclusion.  They had trouble writing what happens in the middle.  I was a little surprised when my more independent students were struggling, especially since they usually produce more thought out and detailed journal writings, and because journal writing about our readings is not new to them.  After thinking about what I could have done better to help my students be successful at this activity, I asked them.

At first they were hesitant to offer suggestions, then one student raised her hand and said, it would have been easier if I drew a picture.  At which point another student suggested having the before and after picture, and they draw the middle picture.  I asked my students to tell me what that would look like.  Together we came up with the graphic organizer used in this lesson.

The second time I taught the lesson it was much easier for my students to finish, of course this could be because they already had some experience with it.

  Learning New Teaching Strategies
  Student Feedback: Learning New Teaching Strategies
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The Middle Step Makes the Connection

Unit 10: Predict, Infer, and Conclude
Lesson 6 of 8

Objective: SWBAT make inferences based on evidence from the text in order to support a conclusion they are drawing; SWBAT write to a prompt about the conclusion they made.

Big Idea: Your students will realize they know more about drawing conclusions when they practice adding in the middle step.

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