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I have taught this lesson several times, however, in light of trying to include rigor and student collaboration this was the first time I included the collaborative activity.  For a beginning of the year activity, I think it works well; however this lesson was taught closer to the middle of the year, and my students had some experience working together and reading.  I have noted in my personal reflections the next time I use this activity to allow my students to complete the entire activity with their partners after the initial example and to explain why they had to draw the conclusion.

  Learning New Teaching Strategies
  Lesson Planning: Learning New Teaching Strategies
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Introduction to Drawing Conclusions

Unit 10: Predict, Infer, and Conclude
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT use story clues and prior knowledge to draw conclusions about what is happening in a story.

Big Idea: In this introductory lesson your students will realize that the new concept of drawing conclusions is something they already have a lot of experience with.

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