Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Learning to Recognize and Use Strong Verbs - Section 4: Independent Practice


On the student work I originally had one of the verbs being "Play" and had a picture of students playing on a playground.  When we got to I couldn't really find a word that really meant the same as play (shades of meaning again).  In the video here, Student Work Using Strong Verbs in Sentences.mp4, you can see how my students really tried to make a good sentence with the synonyms I had found but it didn't really fit.  That's my fault.  I went back into the lesson and changed one of the words from play to eat.

I learned that as I'm teaching this lesson that I really have to be careful and teach this concept well with effective examples. I need to show students that they really should check the meaning with to make sure one of the synonyms listed really has the same meaning as the original verb. 

I also learned as I walked around the classroom that some students naturally gave me many details in their sentences, and their sentences were really more complex than some of their peers.  I think if I  were a bit more specific next time I taught this lesson, many more of my students could write more complex sentences.  The next time I teach this lesson I am going to model writing the first sentence for my students.  I am going to include think alouds so my students can see that I can be much more detailed and get a really complex, detailed sentence.  You can see what the students did and see more of what I mean by watching the videos here in the resource section.

  Adjustments to Practice: What I Learned From the Lesson
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Learning to Recognize and Use Strong Verbs

Unit 13: Grammar and Language Lessons
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT recognize and use strong verbs in their reading and writing.

Big Idea: What's so important about verbs? Come and find out!

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