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To give students an opportunity to practice strategies on their own, I usually open-ended questions for students to answer about the anchor text we are using in class. This gives students a chance to read and analyze an on-level text on their own. Because I don't grade homework for accuracy, but just for completion students are not frustrated by the activity. I am able to assess where they are through looking at their homework which helps me determine where to go with my lesson.

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  Homework: Checking Homework
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Unit 9: Reading Non-Fictional Text
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT use skimming to answer questions about what they have read.

Big Idea: How can I find the answer to a question in all of this text? Students will learn to use key words from the question to help them locate the information in the text they need to help them answer the question.

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English / Language Arts, question, skim
  45 minutes
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