Reflection: Unit Planning Introducing Reading with a Purpose - Section 2: Introduction


I have taught this lesson for several years; however, this year I chose to teach it differently in light of the new Common Core standards.  To begin with, this is a unit from our adopted ELA series.  Instead of using the old NCLB standards, I tried to maintain the sanctity of the district pacing guide and incorporate the rigors of common core.  After reviewing the Common Core Anchor standards and taking into account that this lesson was taught at the beginning of the school year, I used this lesson as a teaching tool to teach my students to think a little deeper, use different strategies and tools, focus in on text evidence, as well as to work in pairs to finish a project.  For me, it meant letting my students do more of the talking and explaining, instead of me telling them.  After reflecting on the lesson and reviewing my personal notes, I see this is an area I still need to work on.

  Learning New Ways to Teach
  Unit Planning: Learning New Ways to Teach
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Introducing Reading with a Purpose

Unit 11: Monitor and Clarify the Word Choice
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT to identify key details about the characters, setting, plot and events in a story.

Big Idea: In this lesson your students will read with purpose as they learn strategies for close reading to help them understand important details about story elements.

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the closer you read the deeper you
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