Reflection: Shared Expectations Volume Review - Section 2: Stations


By creating a classroom of independent learners, I can do stations activities with ease.  The students know the expectations of what group work looks like and as they move around the room there is an understanding.  The understanding is that even though the teacher isn’t right next to them, they still have work to get done and they need to responsible for their own learning. 

There are also expectations in my room that when a group member is straying from the task, we get them back on task by refocusing them.  Refocusing a student could simply be asking them what they think about something or reminding them of the expectations.  High and clear expectations lead to productive students.

  Independent Learners
  Shared Expectations: Independent Learners
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Volume Review

Unit 6: Volume
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Objective: The students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of volume in various situations.

Big Idea: I got this!

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