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Since I want students to meet my expectations with typing, it is imperative that I set up this task in a way that will help students to be successful.  I want my students to be able to type with little to no help, so I need to make sure that I take the time to show them how typing actually works.  Yes, this step takes some time.  And yes, it is easier to teach 4-5 kids at a time (which takes up more time).  However, in the end, showing students HOW to type really pays off in the end.  I really love seeing students using the keyboard, including punctuation and capital letters, correctly and independently!  After I have taught this lesson, students really are more confident and they are ready to type my themselves.  This is a skill that students will have to use in their daily life and teaching this lesson not only prepares them better for the future, but it also helps them make a connection between school and their personal lives.

  Why this introduction is truly necessary
  Classroom Setup: Why this introduction is truly necessary
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Publishing Time

Unit 7: Writer's Workshop
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Objective: SWBAT experience different types of publishing in order to strengthen their motivation and cultivate pride in their work.

Big Idea: So you want to be a published author? Well, okay!

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