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One of the things that can be troublesome when setting up a student led discussion is the students sometimes rely on the approval of their response by me.  I think the reason students need this affirmation is that they don't want to be wrong.  They want to be told they are correct and look intelligent in front of their peers.

When setting up a classroom culture that is able to host student led discussion students have to be comfortable giving their opinion and taking a learning risk.  One of the biggest take homes I give students is that it is okay to be wrong.  You don't have to have the correct answer all the time and if you did, I wouldn't have a job.  Being wrong or not understanding is the first step to learning. 

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Volume as Multiplication

Unit 6: Volume
Lesson 8 of 14

Objective: The students will understand volume as a multiplication of layers.

Big Idea: Layer it up!

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