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There were two “a ha” or lightbulb moments within this lesson.  The first one was in the opener as students were viewing the demonstration with the beans.  The majority of them were quite surprised at how little the “hamburger” container was filled up after putting the “hotdog” container beans into it.  I think a lot of them just assumed that if you’re using the same size paper, it would hold the same amount. 

The second lightbulb for students came on in the closer of this activity as they started to relate the fixed volume back to surface area.  Some were able to make the connection that a prism with a more cube like shape would have a smaller surface area because most of the cubes were concealed in the inside.  It was pretty neat to have two of those moments within one lesson. 

  Joy: Lightbulb!
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Fixed Volume

Unit 6: Volume
Lesson 5 of 14

Objective: The students will understand the relationship between volume and surface area.

Big Idea: Beans, beans, the magical volume tool.

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